Think, innovate, inspire, integrate

Working with the land, we have a complete respect for nature. It is nature that inspires, teaches and leads us. This approach helps us determine how to use our various soils, to identify our comparative advantage, and to adopt practices that will sustain us into the future.  It ensures that our food products are of excellent provenance.

Combined with our respect for nature, we have an acute focus on what we can influence ourselves, and we strive for continuous improvement.

This is captured in our company purpose:

“To lead innovation in our field”

And it is supported by our values: Thinking, Innovative, Efficient, Competitive, Fair, Accountable.

To our respect for nature and focus on the positive influence we can have, we add respect for the marketplace.  We serve markets.

This sees us forge enduring partnerships with other farmers, suppliers and, of particular importance, buyers of our quality produce at home and internationally.

The approach outlined sees us become part of an integrated supply chain. It confers mutual dependence and requires a win/win ethos. This ethos is the hallmark of Brownrigg Agriculture.