Leader in year-round lamb supply

Lamb is a specialty of Brownrigg Agriculture and we supply over 150,000 head annually to our various markets.

Using our natural farming strengths in Hawke’s Bay to supply off our own farms during the crucial winter/early spring period, we look to our inhouse Livestock Supply Management enterprise to coordinate supply from other farmers throughout the rest of the year.  Some of these additional lambs we own through our sharefarming venture and the balance are purchased from supporting farmers, often using a select group of independent livestock representatives who fulfill a crucial role in serving these farmers’ needs.

The Livestock Supply Management approach provides unparalleled security of supply to our market partners.  Some 80% of total lamb supply is from our own farms, and our wider supply group provides flexibility and geographical spread.  This enables us to deliver a consistent quantity and quality of lamb week in, week out.

Our Livestock Office provides a professional service and can assist with any enquiries.

To support the programme we have some 2,000 hectares of high performing specialty finishing forages, enabling a continuous supply of the highest quality pasture-raised lambs.

We have a successful track record of forging long-term partnerships with marketers, meat processing companies and lamb breeding farmers.  This makes us a leader in farming and supplying this wonderful product.