Wagyu Breeders

Breeding quality Wagyu calves on clean NZ pastures

Brownrigg Agriculture, through its wholly owned subsidiary Wagyu Breeders Ltd, farms the largest fullblood Wagyu herd in New Zealand. Investment in the best genetics and breeding technologies ensure that we are at the forefront of this exclusive industry.

Wagyu genetics are the key to producing what is widely recognised as the best beef in the world. Taste and tenderness are exceptional.

Wagyu Breeders has been built over the last 18 years on a base of integrated live export calf supply to the Japanese feeder market.   More recently this has been complemented by chilled beef supply through Firstlight Grassfed Wagyu.

Wagyu Breeders’ breeding herd currently numbers 2.500 head and is made up of Wagyu 1/2 and 3/4 bred cows.  The 3/4 and 7/8 Wagyu production from this source is complemented by Fullblood calves produced by Embryo Transfer and 1/2 bred production from both NZ Holstein Friesian and Angus dams.  Each Wagyu calf receives careful husbandry and, through our comprehensive identification system, is individually traceable from its origin in NZ to the customer overseas.

Wagyu Breeders Ltd has a comprehensive range of sharefarming and grazing contracts on offer, to complement Wagyu cattle grazed on Brownrigg Agriculture’s properties.

For other enquiries about our business, please contact Wagyu Breeders Ltd.