A focus on quality pastures

Strength through working with other farmers

The Brownrigg Agriculture livestock business is built on the natural pasture production strengths of the group’s farming operations in Hawke’s Bay, covering 12 farm properties.

To complement these strengths and enable the year-round servicing of market partners, Brownrigg Agriculture coordinates supply from contracted sharefarmers and a wider select farmer group throughout the North Island.

All livestock produced for Brownrigg Agriculture programmes is farmed to exacting standards in terms of animal husbandry and traceability.

Throughout our livestock business we have a strong focus on the marketplace, and this has resulted in durable integrated market partnerships in each enterprise.

Brownrigg Agriculture Livestock spans a range of enterprises, foremost of which are:

Lamb Finishing

Some 150,000 lambs and other sheep are supplied annually to processors who export predominantly chilled product to world markets

Wagyu Cattle Breeding

The Wagyu Breeders Ltd fullblood stud herd is the nucleus of our Wagyu business, from here we supply elite genetics to both the  Firstlight Wagyu grass-fed beef supply chain and also our own commercial breeding herd.  Our commercial herd consists of 2,500 Wagyu-cross cows, producing terminal progeny for our grain-finished programmes.


4,000 cattle, primarily bulls, are supplied to meat processing companies and specialist finishers annually.