Finding better ways

The Brownrigg Agriculture approach to research can be summed up in our relentless pursuit to ‘find a better way of doing things’ and this is encapsulated in our company purpose ‘to lead innovation in our field‘. Brownrigg Agriculture’s research falls into two broad categories:

  • Applied research, i.e. applying existing and new technologies; and
  • Finding specific solutions to issues and opportunities that confront us in our unique operating environment.

The success of research at Brownrigg Agriculture comes down to one main item, monitoring. Monitoring is behind the continuous improvement ethos that pervades our Livestock and Cropping enterprises.

Research in Cropping is led by Jonathan Brownrigg and driven by an inhouse team of agronomists, with specific expertise being called in as necessary.

Research in Livestock is predominantly channelled through our joint venture partner On Farm Research, encompassing ongoing work in the areas of pastures, fodder crops, lamb production and Wagyu breeding and meat quality.

Brownrigg Agriculture Livestock business has developed a high degree of expertise around systemisation of pastoral livestock production.