Dispatch Assistant & Inventory Coordinator

Are you an admin wizard but don’t want to be stuck behind a desk all day? Are you accurate under pressure and possess intermediate (or better) MS Excel skills? Our dispatch assistants/inventory coordinators keep track of our high quality produce – from field to overseas market. They need to be able to keep their heads in a fast-paced environment, be a problem solver, and positive communicators. If that sounds like you, we have strong systems in place to get you up to speed quickly. This role will give you exposure to export and horticulture logistics, and packhouse operations – a great launching pad for a career in a thriving industry.

Team supervisors

Can you lead a team from the front and communicate effectively with people from all walks of life? Are you driven by continuous improvement, always looking for ways to “make the boat go faster”? We need leaders for our packing and grading teams. You might have experience in packing or grading squash, or bagging onions, and be looking to step up. Or you might have been a chef or a pilot – a leader in another process-focussed environment outside of horticulture – and be looking for a change.  We have strong systems in place to get you up to speed. These teams are at the heart of our post-harvest operations – we need thinkers and doers to keep them in rhythm. This is a great opportunity to take the next step in your career – or step into a new one.


Do you have the stamina to be on your feet all day? Have attention to detail? Then we need you for our grading team. Get a few mates together and spend your season putting some money in the bank. If you have previous experience grading/sizing squash and onions, your wages will reflect it. If you don’t have experience, but are reliable and have a positive outlook, we have strong systems in place to quickly get you up to speed. We are recruiting for both packhouse and harvester-based roles. You will get a good sense of how a packhouse environment works and get a foot in the door of a progressive company.


Are you energetic and physically strong? We need fit people capable of stacking bags that weigh up to 25kg each – it’s a big job and will keep you moving all day. As well as being physically fit, to make this team you need to be reliable and have a positive outlook. Get a few mates together, and spend your season keeping fit and banking some cash. You will get a good sense of how a packhouse environment works and get a foot in the door of a progressive company.

Forklift Operator

Forklift operators keep our packhouses moving. This skilled role is crucial for efficient and safe operations. To lock this role down it is likely you will have had previous forklift experience but we can help you get your forklift ticket through in-house training, so don’t let that hold you back. Alternatively, you may have had other loader experience – but it will need to have been in tight spaces under time pressure. We are looking for the best for this key job – you will be aware of what is going on around you, you will be able to deal with pressure, and you will be able to get on with other people. Your referees will describe you as reliable and steady. We pay good rates for good people.

Quality Controller

To succeed in this role your attention to detail will be second to none. You will be confident in deciding what makes the grade – and what doesn’t. You will be comfortable helping to coach the grading team so that product meets our high standards. Onions will be your focus, although there may also be opportunities in the squash harvest team. You will have a positive outlook and good communication skills. This is a big responsibility – we need the right people to fill the boots. Good QCs are in demand throughout the industry – a great career option.

Truck and Tractor Drivers

Our harvest starts at the end of December 2020 – we are on the lookout for handy Class 5 licence holders for our field trucking team, and tractor drivers (Full Class 1 licence required as a minimum) to help get our bins from the field to the truck. This is your opportunity to be a part of a well-oiled harvest operation and become a valued member of this team.


When can I start?

Our squash harvest and packhouse operations can start in late December, and our onion packhouse in mid-late January.

How much will I get paid?

It depends on your experience and role – everyone starts above minimum wage.

When does the season finish?

Squash operation run through until mid-April – the exact date will depend on the weather. Onion operations run through until mid-June, and potentially longer if the season demands it.

How often do I get paid?

Weekly – the pay week ends on a Sunday, and the money earned for that week will be in your account on Tuesday.

Is there work when it rains?

Our onion packhouse operates whatever the weather. Our squash harvest and packhouse operations are weather dependent, and likely to halt if there is significant rainfall.

Where are the packhouses?

We are 21km south of the Pakipaki roundabout on State Highway 2 and 23km north of Waipawa.

What are the hours?

The onion packhouse operates on a 6-day roster, with Sunday the usual rostered day off, and the shift starts at 7am and goes through until 6.30pm.

The hours of operation in the squash packhouse are more variable due to the impact of environmental conditions and the need to meet shipping deadlines. Days worked vary significantly to a maximum in peak harvest of 6 days per week. A typical day at the squash packhouse is 7.30am until 6.00pm, although sometimes finishing closer to 5.00pm.

Do I need to provide my own gear?

You are responsible for supplying your own safe and comfortable footwear, but all other safety gear required will be provided.

Is there food available?

We are looking at some options to have food available on site on certain days – this is unconfirmed at this stage so be prepared to bring your food with you.

Do I get breaks?

In the packhouses, there are 15-minute smoko breaks in the morning and afternoon (paid), and a 30-minute lunch break.

What experience do I need?

We have jobs for everyone – for people who are just starting out, right through to people with experience under their belt. We are looking for a positive attitude, a reliable nature, and people who like to be rewarded for their hard work and commitment.